What State Issues the Most Speeding Tickets?

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The vast majority of the states punish drivers harshly for speeding, especially if the law includes a provision that allows officers to charge motorists with stunt driving or racing when speed exceeds maximum levels.

The level of enforcement also varies from state to state, with some of the territories employing more speed traps than others. Despite a recent reduction of traffic tickets written throughout the U.S., it’s a good idea to know which states issue the most speeding tickets.

States With the Most Speeding Tickets

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a variety of statistics about traffic citations, including the number of speeding tickets that each state issues. Surprisingly, Ohio ended up being the state that wrote the most speeding tickets, followed by Pennsylvania. Rounding out the top five were New York, California and Texas, all of which are states that most would expect to have issued the most speeding tickets.

Georgia issued the sixth largest number of speeding tickets, followed by Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Approximately 41 million citizens received speeding tickets, which works out to around one in five drivers. The average cost of a speeding ticket in the United States is $152, although fines and jail time vary greatly between the states.

The average revenue generated through speeding fines amounts to around $300,000 per police officer.

The Worst States to Get Caught

Although the cost for going over the limit by 1-15 mph is $35, after the added fees, California charges $158 for the traffic ticket. According to calculations performed by Nerd Wallet, “the true cost of a speeding ticket in California is 20.27 times the cost of the actual ticket,” after accounting for steep rises in insurance costs after a conviction, which increases by an average of 15.22% after an infraction.

New Jersey has the lowest threshold for racing infractions, which are considered any speeding that goes 10 mph over the limit, resulting in double fines in almost all the cases. This state also has the most speed traps in the U.S. with traps set up every 30 miles or so.

Some of the most stringent reckless driving limits are in Virginia, in which reckless driving is defined as going 20 mph over the speed limit, or more than 80 mph on any state road.

Statistics show that only 5 percent of all drivers fight their ticket in courts, which means that too many motorists aren’t getting their cases heard. Considering that Pennsylvania is second in terms of the volume of speeding tickets issued, Colgan & Associates have plenty of experience fighting speed infractions and other types of traffic violations.

Want to Fight a Ticket?

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